Every day, candidates visit Indeed to find the job that fits them best. They begin by entering the type of job they’re looking for and where they’d like to work.

The search results they see are a combination of organic job listings (jobs that are aggregated by the Indeed search engine, such as the jobs on this site that Predictive Profiles is listing for you already) and sponsored jobs (jobs that are promoted by employers). These search results are matched to the search terms candidates entered and are sorted by relevance and the date the job was posted.

New jobs are added to Indeed every day — 8.2 jobs per second. As these new jobs appear, organic listings fall in the search results. Sponsoring jobs on Indeed is one way to make your opportunities stand out. Jobs that are sponsored by employers remain high in the search results. They appear prominently at the top and the bottom of the page, even as time passes.

Sponsored Jobs are based on a pay for performance model. Employers set a monthly budget and only pay when a candidate clicks to view your job. You decide how much to spend and Indeed delivers relevant, high-quality candidate traffic. In this way, you can craft recruitment campaigns, track your return on investment and reach the widest audience of qualified job seekers.

Click here to start sponsoring jobs with Indeed.

Note: We are not yet fully integrated with Indeed to allow sponsoring of the jobs we’re listing for you currently. All that means is you will have to create your own account on Indeed.com for your sponsored jobs.